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Welcome to Advanced Surveillance Solutions, professional private investigators located in Perth, WA. All our private eye operatives are licensed private investigators and hold the required investigative qualifications. The majority of our private investigators are specialist surveillance investigators. We also have a small team of factual investigators available.

How can you utilise our private eye investigation services to establish the truth?


We provide surveillance investigation services for business and personal matters including custody, child support and other family law matters, to detect or prove offences such as theft, vandalism and stalking, to gather evidence of a corrupt, illegal or unethical activity, or simply to gather intelligence. We provide both mobile and static surveillance services and can also position and monitor pinhole cameras in situations where this is legal under the Surveillance Devices Act.

Factual Investigations

Our factual private investigators can make enquiries, obtain witness statements, conduct interviews and prepare briefs of evidence. Our factual investigators are former police officers with fraud investigation experience.

CCTV / Alarm Systems

We cover all areas of CCTV and hidden cameras from short term to long term installation and to permanent installations which, with a short training course, can be self-monitored by you. CCTV has become the most effective way of both detecting and preventing crime in the work place. It has also become an effective crowd control tool by identifying trouble spots quickly and efficiently, or by identifying individuals involved in any criminal or other dangerous situation.

Hidden cameras can also be used as an effective tool, again in the work place by observing any untoward or criminal behaviour during and after work hours, or in catching floundering husbands and wives.

We can also source all the latest alarm systems and equipment, from the most basic equipment to the more advanced equipment or intercoms from voice only to voice and visual.

If you are considering a private investigator, ensure that you choose someone with the know-how, experience and dedication you deserve to get the results you need.